YAMAHA T-MAX 530 cable (3151/AP49) 3906817 TEXA

YAMAHA T-MAX 530 cable (3151/AP49) 3906817 TEXA®


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Complete cable for the serial diagnosis of the YAMAHA (bikes and quads) and MBK vehicles equipped with a 3-way socket. Unlike the 3151/AP40 cable, this cable can also manage some specific immobiliser configurations on several vehicles, such as XP 500 T-Max (530 i.e.) and X-MAX. NOTE: the cable is made up of two 3-way connectors, one male and one female, physically opposite. Once you have located the diagnostic connector on the vehicle, you must disconnect it. Connect the two connectors on the diagnostic cable to the related sockets just disconnected, so the diagnostic cable is positioned as a jumper on the communication line.