Originaldiag.com - Original Multi-brand Diagnostics for Vehicles.

Diagnostic equipment after the brand B.A.D.S. has been sold in the Baltic States since 2001. We are official representatives of TEXA, Autocom, Foxwell, Ross-Tech manufacturers in the Baltic States. 

We have received orders from countries like: Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, the Netherlands, Vietnam, Brazil, Australia, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Japan, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Finland, Palestine, Latvia, Italy and others. Therefore, to simplify customer’s orders, we have created an online store originaldiag.com where customers from all over the world can easily order.

Diagnostic equipment we sell.

We are professionals in our sphere.
We have extensive sales experience in diagnostic equipment that we are ready to share with you, as well as purchasing diagnostic equipment from our authorized representative, so you can be sure that the diagnostic equipment will be genuine and perform well.

Advantages of buying from originaldiag.com:

  • Easy shopping
  • Only original diagnostic equipment
  • Reliable diagnostic equipment
  • Shipment of goods from Europe
  • We are the official distributor of various diagnostic equipment in the Baltic States
  • Full price list for diagnostic equipment (no hidden charges)
  • Free Shipping Worldwide! From 190 €