Specific vehicle data provides new solutions

Autocom offers a unique database of raw data from thousands of car and commercial vehicle models. This allows us to package and deliver specifically selected vehicle data that will take your future products and services to the next level. Together we will find the keys to boundless possibilities.

A new level in vehicle diagnostics

Autocom has been developing world-leading diagnostic tools for cars, commercial vehicles, trailers and buses since 1991. We have built up a comprehensive database of raw data that makes it possible to quickly and easily troubleshoot tens of thousands of different vehicle models. With all our experience and knowledge, we are now taking our offer to the next level by packaging specifically selected vehicle data that provides the right content for our customers’ business solutions.

Innovative collaboration

With the right vehicle data, a range of services can be developed that can, for example, improve safety, reduce emissions and optimise maintenance and servicing. Together with our customers and innovative partners, we are developing new solutions in a number of different fields. By gathering and processing the desired raw data and monitoring the vehicles in real time, the possibilities are limitless if you ask us.