Fake Autocom

Those who buy these counterfeit products may not be having the same functionality or software that is updated. And above all, they do not have access to all autocom knowledge and experience they have accumulated over the years. Ultimately, this affects also the vehicle drivers who risk driving around in unsafe vehicles.

At first glance, these copies may look like original products, however, at a closer look; they differ considerably, which creates problems for those who buy them. Copies exist for both autocom software (AUTOCOM CARS and AUTOCOM TRUCKS) and autocom hardware/VCI (CDP).

In the beginning only a few copies were discovered in early 2011, but circulation has escalated over the year. As of today, copies or clones are available on numerous websites, which creates problems for us, autocom distributors and, ultimately, customers, who are at risk of buying faulty or illegal products.

Spot the differences


There are several ways to identify a copy

  • The genuine CDP+ has a hologram sticker marked VCI with “Original” as hologram picture. Copies might have a printed CE sticker with mirror effect.
  • The genuine CDP+ has a hologram sticker marked VCI with “Original” as hologram picture. Copies might have a printed CE sticker with mirror effect.
  • The cable attachment to the VCI body is in line on the genuine CDP+. On copies it is most often an edge rise. Also the attachement is sometimes made with long d-sub screws on the copies.

Fake Autocom CDP


There are several ways to identify a clone

  • The overlay (CDP adhesive sticker) may be different. Originals have a raised sticker marked Original Data, while copies have a printed sticker.
  • On copies there may also be a profile of a car and also ISS and ISI logos are present, which are not on the originals.
  • The originals have rubber ends, which are not on the copies. If you have access to both an original and a copy, you can also see that the connection for the 16-pin plug and the Bluetooth antenna is different.

Why take the risk?

  • The financial implications and bad media reports of your workshop will be costly.
  • You are jeopardizing the safety of yourself and your co-workers when using a counterfeit tool. The counterfeit units are not tested nor evaluated for personal safety.
  • Illegal software, key generators and patches offered on various marketplaces are known to contain malicious hidden viruses and trojans.
  • You will certainly have trouble updating the counterfeit tool. Even if you believe you have updated your units, you are exposing yourselves to safety, legal and financial implications in due course.
  • No warranty provided when purchasing counterfeit products as it usually of inferior quality. Buying an original Autocom guarantees you a life time warranty together with a valid license.
  • No support or training is available. Who do you call for assistance? In most cases, the sites or sales persons cease to function within a short time.
  • It is illegal and a crime to buy, sell, possess and even to use counterfeit products. You risk potential prosecution or large fines brought against you in the court of law.
  • You are funding organized crime and ultimately even terrorism by buying counterfeit products.
  • You are undermining the credibility of your workshop and the entire vehicle repair sector.

Examples of fake Autocom units


Fake Autocom Diagnostic Equipment